About Us

With growth and opportunity being the foundation of Certika Financial Ltd., the company was founded by R.G. Packman & Associates Ltd. in 2011.

Founded in April 1999, R.G. Packman & Associates Ltd. has grown to become one of the leading Managing General Agencies in the Canadian financial services industry. With a team of over 1,000 independent insurance agents, agencies and brokerages in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. On-going growth and the desire to provide advisors with more options led to the purchase of Heritage Group Financial in 2006 and Family Wealth Advisors Ltd. in 2011. Heritage Group Financial is a fully independent, one stop shop for the best GIC  rates available with over 40 bank and trust companies in Canada. Certika Investments Ltd. is a fully independent mutual fund dealership offering all of the mutual fund products available in Canada.

Certika Financial Ltd.offers an exciting new opportunity for financial service professionals to achieve their financial goals through ownership of their own business. Our mission is to provide the most extensive range of financial solutions, products and services to professionals wanting to assist their clients in achieving their individual financial objectives. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, want to be independent and are a self-starter, this company has a place for you.

Certika Financial Ltd.is an innovative financial services company that was created from the understanding that individuals who strive for success in this industry want more – more independence, more choice, more support.  Backed by R.G. Packman & Associates Ltd. in Ottawa, an established, responsible and respected MGA firm, Certika Financial Ltd. leads the way in understanding what it takes to run a winning operation: experience, on-site training and support.

We have professionally trained and certified coaches to offer guidance, compliance, encouragement and practical advice. We offer on-site training, marketing support, first rate technology and the administrative back office support required to launch your opportunity to move forward as an independent, fully supported Certika Financial Ltd. agency.