Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I have to commit to Certika?

We expect our owners to be hands-on owners. If you choose to invest in a Certika license you must be a full time owner.

What types of licenses are available?

We grant individual locations only to qualified candidates. We are able to grant multiple locations for exceptional performers.

Who is our ideal licensee?

We want licensees that have great people skills, management savvy and are extremely enthusiastic about the financial services industry.

Can I get an exclusive territory?

Yes, we will help you research your area and we will set up a specific area for your own territory. We have certain criteria that territories must be based on which are, population, demographics and competition.

What can I expect with regard to training and support?

Certika Financial Ltd. is completely dedicated to assisting you with your success. Our on-going training and support will assist you with how to locate and open your location, attract and retain the right staff, and provide information on how to market yourself. Finally we will help you with the services and structure required to provide exceptional client service.

We will continue to support our licensees right through their agreement with us – our licensees will have exclusive access to all of our new business

What are the initial fees, and my marketing contributions?

The license fee for your office is $20,000. There are no on-going fees or marketing requirements. Other than what you choose to do yourself to promote your business. We will provide advice for these based on our experience should you request it.

What is the next step in learning more about the Certika Financial Ltd. license program?

Please complete our online Request for Consideration form. The completion of this profile does not obligate or bind anyone in any manner.