Licensee Qualities Quiz

1. I like to work with others and can recognize a win-win opportunity.

A. Partially true
B. Completely true
C. Completely untrue

2. Are you motivated and energized to handle the day-to-day operations of a financial services business?

A. Partially true
B. Completely true
C. Completely untrue

3. Would you consider yourself a creative problem solver?

A. Not sure, but will give it a try.
B. Yes,definitely
C. No, not really.

4. Do you equate buying a license for a financial services business with buying a career?

A. Yes, I need a change
B. No, not at all
C. Not really

5. Is your spouse or partner supportive of you starting a business?

A. Most definitely, we can do it together
B. Not applicable
C. Not sure

6. Do you give up easily if things do not go as planned?

A. Sometimes I give up pretty easily
B. No. I am very persistent
C. Yes, I go onto the next challenge.

7. Are you able to organize your time and set priorities for yourself and others?

A. Yes, except when things get really hectic at home and at work.
B. Yes, I am almost always organized but flexible.
C. Sometimes, I really don’t like to plan ahead.

8. Have you ever had to hire or fire employees?

A. No, it was never really part of my job.
B. Yes, it is not always easy, but I try to hire well.
C. Yes, and I really avoided any confrontations.

9. How do you feel about selling your products and services?

A. It is a necessary evil
B. I really enjoy helping people see the benefits of my products and services.
C. I do not like to have to put myself out there in a selling capacity.

10. Do you presently have enough capital to get through the start up phase of a business?

A. I don’t have it yet, but I know that I can get it.
B. Yes, I have been planning for this opportunity.
C. No, I was hoping to start making money immediately.

Give yourself 2 points for an A, 3 points for a B and 1 point for every C.


10-15 points – your responses indicate that you would not be happy with the responsibilities of owning a business.

16-25 points - your answers to the questions indicate that you are interested in a business, but you definitely need to do more investigating into your dreams and goals.

26-30 points – Good news! If you have seriously been considering a franchise, you have the basic entrepreneurial skills to succeed!        

If you scored 26 - 30 points, we would like to hear from you! Please contact Ken Purvis at 1-800-567-9389